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Kids Hope International is  (501c) (3) non-profit organization is a grassroots non-profit organization aiding children in need established by Polinto Kalunga, a native Congolese.  Congo, has been at the center of the African World War, one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II and the fifth poorest country in the world, yet one of the richest in minerals and natural resources in the continent of Africa.

Polinto’s family was able to escape the horrors of war and received opportunities of education, daily meals and shelter and relived from the fear of tortured death or being taken by rebel groups. Others were not so lucky.  Congo is still caught up in internal war and as the fifth poorest country in the world is struggling to rebuild.

Once able, Polinto has dedicated himself to providing aid and opportunities to children for a brighter and safer future without displacement, one child, one family, once village and one community at a time.  He established Kids Hope International with a fundamental philosophy that a wholistic approach will provide immediate needs and establish programs which will allow the children, families, community members to build a foundation for sustainable future opportunities. 

There are two main components of success for Kids Hope International:

  • Aid to meet immediate critical needs to vulnerable children such as shelter, meals, medical care

  • Education and integrated community lead programs developing sustainable long-term solution

The aid provided by Kids Hope International will help children to remain with their families and siblings, or orphans to be placed with family members by providing financial and educational support.  It will provide daily meals, education and basic medical care. Most children placed in institutions or orphanages due to the inability of the families to financially be able to keep them at home.  Kids Hope International strives to keep children with immediate or extended family members through generous donations and our child sponsorship program.

Kids Hope International realizes that it is critical to provide immediate aid to children in these impoverished villages and communities, we also realize that this aid must be complemented with educational opportunities and integrated sustainable programs so that each child and their family can achieve greater independence and opportunities.

We recognize that the success of local programs is dependent on participation and support from local communities which it serves. KHI, has collaborated with community members and is establishing programs that are created and operated locally for long term local benefits.  It also enables kids, families and community members opportunities to be an integral part of local programs, restoring hope, dignity, opportunity one step at a time.

In the village of Kabare in DRC, Kids Hope International is sponsoring 38 vulnerable kids, providing meals, shelter, clothing, medical needs and education for the past two years.  It also is sponsoring a guinea pig distribution, reusable hygiene pads and building of a school for up to 350 children.  Each of these programs provide multiple levels of benefits.  Reusable hygiene pads will provide a job opportunity for the village seamstress and allow her to take on an apprentice teaching her skills to the younger generation.  This grassroots program will provide and environmentally friendly hygiene pads to young girls and females in the village so that they do not miss school, work or daily tasks.  It will also create local job opportunity for sales and distribution.  KHI will financially fund and provide needed materials and will monitor the program locally to ensure the greatest level of success and expansion.

One village, community, town at a time Kids Hope International will expand its aid to help those in underserved areas to build a path for a brighter future and give HOPE.

IN 2017

Kids Hope International focused on providing aid to children in Brundi and Democratic Republic of Congo, rated as the second and fifth poorest countries in the world respectively.  Wars like the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), referred to as "Africa's world war", have displaced nearly three million people with 4 million orphans,  19% infant mortality rate; 23% of children are acutely malnourished; and seventy percent of the population lack adequate access to food; High rate of child sexual abuse out of which more than one million women and girls have been victims of rape.  

In villages of Kabare and Bukavu through generosity of our donors, sponsors, volunteers and local community members and leaders we have been able to sponsored children providing them with daily meals, education and medical care, clothing and shoes.  We have also been able to place orphaned children in local orphanages and provided aid to families to ensure that children can stay with family members and siblings.  We have been able to provide children with school and sporting supplies ensuring that they continue their education and participate in team sports improving morale and instilling teamwork.

These critical needs are complemented with development of sustainable programs in partnership with community leaders and Kids Hope International volunteers and help of our donors and sponsors.  

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