Nelson Mandela once said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" and by this every child should have access to quality education, to unlock their potential, render them capable to dream and become the next great inventor, engineer, doctor, artist, teacher or aid worker. 

Your support will aid in the development and support of this school whose benefits will

  • provide education to 350 - 400 students

  • Provide jobs to local builders

  • Reinvest in the local economy and businesses

  • Employ 13 staff members from the local community

  • Engage and promote the cooperation of community members, leaders, and volunteers

This project was started by the current  headmaster who noticed that the number of kids not attending school in his neighbourhood was growing at an astonishing rate due to extreme poverty.  He was teaching at another school but decided to leave his position to help the kids in his community, he sold his cow and to build and start a school on his father’s land in order to offer a low cost and even free class to all kids that can’t afford school to come and learn how to read and write.  The conditions of the structure is very dangerous, unfinished with no walls, a roof on tall pillars, no chalkboard, or proper seating for the children.  Yet the school is  attended by many and the number of students that show up daily is growing.  Kids line up and gather around the "volunteer" teachers and headmaster to learn holding their siblings hands, standing tightly against their neighbor.  In the rainy season all classes are obligated to stop and the kids and teachers must find a dry spot to hide sometimes in the neighbours houses near the school until the rain stops.

When we visited our newly sponsored kids that are attending this school we noticed that the best way to help that community and the kids living in that area is to help finish building the school, with proper washrooms, benches and supplies.  Kids Hope International has joined the headmaster, who has donated his land, to build a proper school to provide education to the children in this village.  Children who when asked rather skip a meal and attend school, so they can have an opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming a teacher, a nurse, or a doctor.  

This project will create job opportunities for a total of 13 staff members at the school, it will provide education to approximately 400 students, provide jobs to local builders.  Kids Hope International on location volunteers will lead this project with local community leaders and the headmaster to build a school and provide the school with 3 years of assistance including books, chalks, school supplies.  

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