Kids Hope International's on location volunteers aid local families in need to participate in the Guinea Pig program.  Our volunteers educate all member of families as to how to care for their guinea pigs, such as what to feed, how to care for them and keep them disease free.  Also inform them of their responsibility to the program.  There is no hardship placed on the family to provide for the guinea pigs.

for example in South-Kivu, DR Congo, particularly in the village of Kabare,Ngweshe and Kalonge, guinea pigs are very popular especially in families in need.  Those who are fortunate enough in these village have goats, chickens and cows, but for the family that is less fortunate they pray and work hard just to get a female guinea pig to start life with,since they believe that this is a very low maintenance animal compare to other animals in the villages and is what they can afford, families work together to insure these animals are getting the best care in the house, in these villages guinea pigs are not considered pets as many people may think instead riches or treasure for many families, in fact some believe that it is scientifically proven that guinea pig´s meat is rich in collagen. It prevents arthritis and arthrosis in people. It is also easy to digest and a high-protein is very important to mention that when guinea pig´s meat is prepared in soups, it presents an amino acid called asparagine that replenishes new cells for tissue and which also contributes to stop cancer cells from reproducing or growing.

Guinea pig´s meat also raises hemoglobin levels. It treats anemia and also helps those people suffering from heart diseases because it is low in calories.

It is yet better than the rest of meats.This is what the locals believe and the reason why they highly value this animal. People in these  areas raise guinea pigs and use them to support their families in case emergencies they will take them to the city and sell them so they can buy, clothes, shoes and even help pay for their kids to go to school or exchange them among other locals with what they don't have.

KHI have implemented a team of volunteers in place to insure the success of this program,the team goes to locals homes and local markets to obtain the healthiest guinea pigs then takes them to the Veterinarian to be given shots before distributing them to the kids and their families.  They maintain watch, support and guidance to those participating in the program.  

In addition, this allows families and neighbors to work together and expand the reach of this program, as well as our volunteers.

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