Invest in a life of a child and future of a community for $1 a day

Sponsor a child and make a difference in the life of an orphaned, vulnerable or disabled child (or children) in need of essential care, such a food, clothing, shelter, water and basic healthcare.  Your monthly support will restore hope, dignity and invest in a life of a child in an underserved community.  Your generous monthly support of $1 a day ($31 a month) offers a bright future to a child and will:

  • Provide your sponsored child with 3 meals per day

  • Cover the cost of their school.  In these countries each child must pay for their education

  • Cover cost of essential school supplies

  • School and community based mentorship focused on helping these children with their self worth, self confidence and resilience and offering them with opportunities to explore their talents in education and team activities.

  • Clothing and basic healthcare.

You will be provided information and instructions so you can maintain communication with your sponsored child.  You will receive an electronic packet with information about your sponsored child and correspondence instructions, so that you may maintain contact with him/her and receive updates on their progress.


Every dollar of your sponsorship goes towards the welfare of these children and the opportunity for them to have a brighter future within their own communities.

All Sponsorship Donations are tax deductible.

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All donations in the United States are tax deductible.