"I SEE A FUTURE FOR MYSELF...as a teacher or social worker helping those in the same situation as me and my siblings were....I am studying hard for my National Exam from high school."

Furah Migabo

Furaha Migabo and her siblings dropped out of school after losing both parents in the civil war in her country. She became the caregiver and provider for her four siblings at 18 years old with no job. Kids Hope International learned of her situation during our annual mission trip to Congo, our team of volunteers were visiting one of our sponsored child in her neighborhood where her 8 year old little brother Bisimwa was laying on street begging for a sweet potato from people passing by, our volunteer stopped to talk to him, they found out the kid has no parents and has not eaten in two days, he was week and dehydrated, they  took him back home to see where he lives and this is how KHI learned the struggle they were facing and started assisting her and her siblings in returning to school, started providing food, clothes and school supplies.

Today she is a senior in secondary school, preparing for her national exams this year. When she passes the exams, she will graduate. Furaha would like to go to college and pursue a career as a teacher or a social 

worker so she can work or volunteer with organization such as KHI as a way for her to give back to her community. Unfortunately, KHI at the moment we can only afford to pay for primary and secondary school  due to limited finance, If anyone is willing to help any of these children please contact us immediately and we will provide all the information you may need to know about them. Furaha is a very intelligent and hardworking young lady who loves school, she wants nothing more than for her siblings to get education and get the opportunity for a better future.

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